EagleSoC Programmer

— your best choice to program and debug the Cypress PSoC 5LP platforms.

The EagleSoC Programmer is designed to support PSoC 5LP programming and debugging through the Serial Wire Debug (SWD) port. The PSoC 5LP chip hardwires SWD on port 1, therefore the voltage on that port is controlled by VDDIO1. However, VDDIO1 also controls ports 5 and 12. With EagleSoC Programmer you can leave these ports configured on either 3.3V or 5V voltage level depending on your project requirements.

This device works with the PSoC Programmer and with the PSoC Creator IDE. The programming cable is included and supports EagleSoC, EagleSoC mini and Cypress PSoC 5LP development boards.