You are welcome to use the PSoC LIB for your PSoC 5LP projects.

EZ-PSoC LIB is a free software library for Cypress PSoC 5LP microcontroller. Please consider donating to EZ-PSoC before downloading the library. Your support could help us implement more sensor objects into the library and develop more useful application objects.

Now, you can download the free version form GitHub. (The free version of EZ-PSoC LIB is for non-commercial purposes only.)


Revision History:

2016/04/20: Version 1.1

  • Supports more sensors: ADXL345, DS1307, DS18X20, ILI9340, L3GD20, LSM303, MPU9150, RH103, SSD1306, TMP102

2015/11/10: Version 0.1

  • First Draft Version
  • HW Interface Objects: Support I2C, SPI, GPIO, ISR
  • Sensor Objects: DS1307 Real-Time Clock, Maxim DB18x20 1-Wire Temperature Sensor, ILI9340 TFT LCD Controller, Max-detect RHT03 Temperature Sensor, SSD1306 OLED Display, TMP102 Temperature Sensor